Gorgeous Coffee Co. [GCC] is a wholesale coffee roaster and distributor. Gorgeous Coffee Co. developed the unique Epiphany Café coffee blend which is 100% organic and Fair Trade certified. Gorgeous Coffee Co. has recently developed its 5-in-1 instant coffee made from organic ingredients namely: NZ Manuka honey, Barley grass powder, Stevia, Coconut milk powder and coffee. The instant coffee range of Gorgeous Coffee Co will be exported and distributed internationally by partners and through e-commerce platforms (i.e. Amazon). Being an independent company, Gorgeous Coffee Co. will also supply its standard coffee blend (whole beans) to both internal partners within SFIO and external clients such as local cafés. Gorgeous Coffee Co. has also the capabilities to develop bespoke coffee blends for both internal and external customers.


Gorgeous Coffee Co. will continue to supply the unique Epiphany Café coffee blend to the Epiphany franchise and license groups. The developed 5-in-1 instant coffee will be sold as part of the merchandising in Epiphany Cafés and outlets.


Gorgeous Coffee Co.

Gorgeous Coffee Co. [GCC} was established in 2019 by an award-winning coffee Barista and Brewers Cup Champion in New Zealand. Gorgeous Coffee Co. aims to supply ethically produced (Fair Trade Certified) and organic coffee to its wholesale partners primarily for the franchise groups within the conglomerate of SFIO. Gorgeous Coffee Co. has developed its 5-in-1 instant coffee range made with organic ingredients such as NZ Manuka Honey, Barley Grass powder, Stevia, Coconut milk powder and coffee. This product is also intended for export in conjunction with the global expansion of the Epiphany brand.

lead person


Over 25+ years of experience in the manufacturing industry, factory, operations, supply chain, management, logistics, and coffee roasting. He has extensive experience in food production, wine and spirits, and animal pharmaceuticals. Led the team at Universal Robina Corporation (URC-Philippines) towards the plant’s certification to ISO9002, GMP and Halal. He is also the current director of Gorgeous Coffee Co. in New Zealand.