SFIO was formed by like-minded entrepreneurs who have decided to form an “alliance” or group of companies with unique capabilities gained over 30 years. The collective capabilities and synergistic business models of companies within SFIO are aimed to support and enable the strategic expansion and growth of Epiphany brand globally. At the same time, internal growth of each company within the conglomerate will be supported by SFIO.

Asset Management

Accord Investment Group

AIG is an Asset Management company based in Melbourne Australia which is 100% owned by SFIO. It owns majority shares and assets in several companies based in Australia, New Zealand, and Philippines.

MLV Group is an accounting firm based in Australia with more than 5,000 clients, that provides a ‘one stop shop’ for all tax, accounting, financial and social needs. It has seen a growth rate of 30% annually due to its reliable, professional, and trustworthy services. SFIO strategically acquired (70%) the MLV Group to manage and monitor the financial performance of its subsidiaries. MLV Group will also provide accounting and financial services to the SFIO conglomerate while pursuing its accounting firm expansion in Australia.

SFIO’s ‘The Global Academy’ (Training Hub for Entrepreneurship) is a strategic learning provider of masterclasses and workshops – available both online and offline. It aims to educate, equip, and empower its business partners, shareholders and potential investors to have entrepreneurial and business leadership mindsets, mastery, management and mentorship programs. The core of ‘The Global Academy’ is to customize strategic learning programs to develop the most important resource of an organization – the people.

The Global Academy offers certification programs and modular courses. Currently, there are masterclasses in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial management, and digital entrepreneurship, suitable for companies and individuals who want to thrive in this new digital economy and become leaders in the industry, workplace or specific organizations.